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“Seniors at work” program is an employment program of the Ministry for social equality, operated by MAOF Group.

“Seniors at work” program was established in order to change the social perception in the employment market towards senior citizens, and to produce for them equal opportunities to integrate in the working market.

Our purpose – integration of 60+ years old citizens that are interested to integrate in wage employment market, while removing barriers that exists now days.

This program used as empowering platform for senior citizens that see themselves as essential and unseparated part of society on one hand, and are interested to continue and be significant factor in economy growth on the other hand, and also for employers that are interested to enjoy their personal and professional skills and abilities and their experience, all that in order to integrate them in the organization, based on sense of mission and create occupational diversity, with all its virtues.

We strongly believe in life experience and the advantages you bring along with you thanks to your age ! We invite you to join us and receive on going personal escort until finding the best suitable job for you as follows :

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